LSAT Logical Reasoning

The above tweet references an LSAT Logical Reasoning post that includes:

The LSAT is a test of “reading” and “reasoning”.

Reading = The identification and understanding of the relevant information. In most cases this involves understanding:

1. What –  The main point/conclusion of what an LSAT argument or passage is telling you; and

2. Why – The reason given to support that main point/conclusion.

Reasoning = Taking the “What” and “Why” you have gleaned from the “reading” and understanding how those two things relate.

If you don’t understand the “What” and the “Why”, your ability to “reason” becomes irrelevant. Therefore, your first task is to understand what you are “reading” – which is what the LSAT tests.

The most important step toward improving your LSAT score is to:

Improve your ability to “read” the information on the LSAT accurately, quickly and efficiently.



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