LSAT Logic and Language

The above tweet references a post on on LSAT quantifiers which includes:

“Hi John:

I have a question regarding the words few and some. In LSAT world are they of equivalent meaning.

I know some indicates, in numerical terms, 1-100.

But what would few be in numerical terms.


– See more at:

In general:

The LSAT (“Law School Admission Test”) is a test of reading and reasoning in context.  Most LSAT books and LSAT Preparation Courses spend far too much time categorizing questions and too little understanding the logic and language of the test.  Understanding LSAT logic and language is the key to a good LSAT score. You will find many of the exercises in the links to be helpful.

1 thought on “LSAT Logic and Language

  1. lsatsoldiers

    I agree. The fundamental logical skills are what’s important. Some prep courses touch on them. The courses also focus on “beating the test”. I would take the time to learn as much about logic first, and then test characteristics second.


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